Why Famous: As a master artist of the High Renaissance, Raphael is best known for his "Madonnas" and for his large body of work in the Vatican in Rome, including one of his best known works 'The School of Athens'. [16] As mentioned above, he came in 23rd on IGN's list of Top 100 comic book heroes. During this time he completed three large altarpieces, the ‘Ansidei Madonna’, the ‘Baglioni’ altarpiece, and the ‘Madonna del Baldacchino’. While Leonardo is the default turtle outside the gear loadout, he, Michelangelo and Donatello can only be picked through the said loadout selection similar to the premier skin characters. Raphael's personality in the 1987 animated series deviates the most from all other incarnations, though the show's theme song states that Raphael is "cool, but rude"[6] (he takes a slice of pizza with his sai and shoves the rest of it onto the screen). Together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci he is one of the 'trinity' of great masters of that period. He resents Leonardo's bossing them around and treating them like "[Leo's] little soldiers" when he (at least in Raphael's opinion) abandoned them for at least a year. The theme song for season 1-3 did not have a part that actually described each turtle individually, but from season 4 onwards it was changed, and stated, "count on Raphael to throw the first punch". Between 1512 and 1514 he painted ‘The Mass at Bolsena’. He later said to Leonardo he had a thing for Pimiko, and like Donatello with Baxter's help on ridding him of cyborg parts, Raphael kept his crush on Pimiko a secret. They intended to kill and dissect him, but Raphael broke free and escaped, reminded of Buck and his own losses and pain from the past. He becomes enraged when he learns Leonardo has commanded Donnie not to reveal to him or Mikey about the Purple Ooze being able to turn them into humans, stating that Leo broke the third code of the ninja (honor) by lying to his brothers. Despite their brutal first meeting, the two have since formed a close bond. A highly prolific artist who left behind an enormous collection of paintings at the time of his untimely death at the age of 37, he is best known for his paintings of Madonna and for his large figure compositions in the Palace of the Vatican in Rome. Raphael is one of the main playable characters in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows videogame, where he is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui. However Raphael’s relationship with Michelangelo is strained. Raphael is also petrified of cockroaches until he managed to defeat the mutant cockroach, Spyroach. He moved to Rome in 1508. Also Known As: Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, mother: Magia di Battista di Nicola Ciarla, See the events in life of Raphael in Chronological Order, Raphael was an Italian painter and architect. He speaks with a distinctive tough-sounding New York accent (that was imitated in the later versions of TMNT), and is the turtle whose character is explored most completely. He also remained in contact with their newly-estranged brother Michelangelo, assuring him that he knew how hard it was to be homeless, and that Michelangelo would always have a home with them. In the future, Raphael would lose an eye during a conflict with the Shredder, Verminator X, and Armaggon (in most of the future timeline incarnations of Raphael, his left eye is missing). In TMNT, Raphael serves as the main protagonist in the film, voiced by Nolan North. This article will help you discover Archangel Raphael’s role in the divine order and his influence on humankind. Raphael remained convinced that Donatello was not really "alive," and that the Fugitoid wouldn't be able to save his life. Several other artists were already working on different rooms of the library, and ‘The Stanza della segnatura’ ("Room of the Signatura") was the first to be decorated by Raphael's frescoes. However, life dealt a major blow to him when both his parents died within years of each other leaving him orphaned at the age of 11. He trained extensively with them for the next month, making incredible progress and being rewarded with a pair of sais at the end of it. He is the second eldest of the turtles, and second-in-command. Although Raphael’s violent temper is toned down, Raphael still can get cranky when annoyed or angry. He is more close to his brothers in the film than in most adaptations. In the films, he is still angry and occasionally goes off by himself in the second movie, but has a soft spot for the young people the team meets. In 2008, Raphael shared the fifth place with Leonardo on TechCrunch's list of Top 10 Video Game Ninja Characters. When his father became leader of the Foot Clan, Raphael reluctantly joined as well, though he remained somewhat distant from it compared to Leonardo. After the second story arc, Raphael changed costumes and began wearing an all dark ninja outfit which he won during an Alien Wrestling Match. [3] He is portrayed in most interaction as speaking with a Brooklyn accent. Cause of Death: Acute but unknown illness. Raphael wields twin sai, the points of which are usually sharpened, as his primary weapon. robots and Splinter was abducted. And upon Splinter's execution of Darius Dun, Raphael changed his mind and decided that Michelangelo had been right all along, leaving the Foot Clan along with Donatello and Leonardo, and moving back into their old lair. His strained relationship with Splinter became even more so when the Turtles returned to Earth, and found the Foot Clan in conflict with the Triceratons. During this time, his brothers regularly searched for him, but did not find him. 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Later, Raphael wore Shredder's armor in an attempt to psychologically dominate a number of the New York Mob, with whom the Foot Clan was engaged in a losing gang war. Raphael appears in the live action series, Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, as well as its crossover episode with Power Rangers in Space portrayed by Mitchell A. Lee Yuen and voiced by Matt Hill. Born as the son of an artist, he received his early instruction in art from his father who worked as a court painter to the Duke. He is now the leader, a change from previous incarnations, and his enthusiasm and bravado puts him front and center for most of their bizarre adventures. Raphael also appears in the 2014 film-based game, voiced by Roy Samuelson. He had started painting at an early age and received training from the likes of Pietro Perugino and Timoteo Viti. Raphael, nicknamed Raph, is a fictional superhero and one of the four main characters of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and all related media and second oldest/mid-middle-child of the turtle brothers.[2]. In this movie, the animosity between Raphael and Leonardo is the most straight-forward due to Raphael's anger at his brother leaving. Raphael mellowed somewhat as the series went on, possibly a key moment for his character development was when he allowed Leonardo to go in alone to defeat The Shredder after nearly being killed by the Foot Elite.