The robin forages for worms and fruit just about anywhere in North America. We did have a pair of robins nesting in a tree around the corner–in the Never saw anything like it. Please enable scripts and reload this page. I thought is was later in the season, more towards fall. “You can look out your window and see them. You can watch golden eagles and other birds of prey cruise over a stunning landscape from the wind-swept outcrop at Waggoner’s Gap Hawkwatch. The male’s warning calls are about 30-40 ft away from the nest which is smart to not bring attention to where the nest is. This goes on for a very long time. We do get a lot of questions from people surprised by seeing American Robins in winter. I’ve been waiting all winter to see robins in it and a few days ago I finally did! I’ve had robins winter in my yard in northern Utah for years, starting with a male whose feathers had somehow had got oil of some kind on them. 2 days ago, 5 robins flew in a few minutes later, 5 more, etc., til there were about 50. We’re out in the cold Atlantic. There were hundreds of robins in this network formation. The male will spend hours and hours attacking its reflection in the side view mirrors, and perching on the sills of both front windows of the car, raining rivers (and I mean rivers) of poop down the doors. Mom did all the actual feeding during this time that the father provided. Keep after it. 2/16/19 Victor, NY. I saw a robin in my ice covered tree while it was snowing on Dec 10, 2020. He’ll sit in the barn, to keep himself warm, and tuck his head under his wing, poor thing.” I love all the British nursery rhymes and neat things like this. Because you can see robins in winter nowdays, I look to red wing blackbirds now as my goto for a sign of spring. The fall migration may not appear as dramatic as spring’s because, according to Audubon Pennsylvania: Birds are on the move this time of year, especially raptors (which are birds of prey, including hawks, eagles, osprey, harriers, etc.). I lived in Wisconsin and Minnesota for many years and found what feeds the robins through the winter are the noxious common buckthorns, (rhamnus cathartica) an exotic (non-native) very invasive small tree from Europe. We see them occasionally now but not in those numbers. Yes, some do show up in Mexico in the winter, but generally, your robins are still lingering somewhere nearby! I needed to get out the binoculars because I couldn’t believe my eyes! He looks like a big boy who sprayed bleach on him. Will keep you posted. What a gift. I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania and this afternoon I saw about 20 robins in my yard. “It makes the soil soft and earthworms and other food easy to collect.”. ), Hi T J, Thank you! Hi Pam, Birds and Blooms has this article on how to keep “bully birds” like grackles away from your feeders: I bought some lovely Spanish Moss last spring to drape over branches of a tree in my back yard. I have seen large flocks of robins in the winter before. One morning I went outside and it was completely gone. It lasted about 10 minutes and then they left. We were able to let him go but he hung around for a while. We have ground showing but fairly sure too frozen for worms. A wildlife observation station is located on Lower Lake by the Bear Wallow Boat Launch. to come from a single bird, but the song varies a little from year to year. I just couldn’t resist. Hi Jacquie, Since you mention chickens, I wonder if it could have been a grouse? When spring arrives, northern flocks of robins disperse and resume their invertebrate diet, picking earthworms and other invertebrates from the ground. I have lived here my entrie life and I have never seen a Robyn past the end of October that was until today, I looked out to the brown partly snow covered garden and a large male Robyn caught my eye while he was foraging for berries in the bushes. I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania and this afternoon I saw about 20 robins in my yard. Looked out my kitchen window this morning (December 27th) and saw a fat robin in the heated bird bath on my deck, here in central Alberta! never saw them in february before amazing. They took turns scouting out my feeder, but didn’t seem to be very interested in the seeds. First earthworm – help Journey North find out if robin arrival is tied to earthworm availability. When I would see a robin i always thought it was almost spring. This is a little early for them. “The ground thaws and that’s when traditional earthworms and some other insect larvae are available. You’ll see them wandering around and yet it’s not considered migration because basically they’re moving in a nomadic way, following the food.”. I saw my first two robins today . Prepare for inclement weather. On my website I have several photos of Robins feeding in the snow: Every morning they fly towards the east, I assume to feed. sure they were robins. They will always be around. I found this site about American robins singing at night that might help confirm whether or not you’re hearing robins: Thank you for that article, Lisa! I have never seen one this early in the year before! First robin song – listen for the robin’s true song. This is the first time I have seen that many robins together this early in the year. They do all look fat, which must be the fluffing of feathers you mentioned. Thank you for watching out for this robin family! I live in a rural area of Pulaski County Va. Today February 9, 2020 there must have been 100plus Robins in the trees and roofs of my neighbors and my house. “We see a clear south to north progression in reports of territorial song,” Howard notes. I don’t believe we have ever seen robins this early before. Brian T. Hi Brian, Thank you! We live in central Indiana, surprised a couple days ago (Feb 7) to see as many as fifty Robins out back in a couple different trees, flying around the back yard from tree to tree. My robins always return about mid-March and somehow arrive in or around a snowstorm . Almost non stop. I rake my leaves over time during the fall and winter, where I do not have grass. that robins [and other city birds] often sing at night because it is so noisy during the day. It’s been very cold but today and yesterday have been above freezing, with highest yesterday about 36°F. Watch where you’re walking. Thank you A: While some robins do migrate south from Pennsylvania for the winter, many others never left the state. I believe the same field was slightly flooded last year. They were just like a bunch of kids excited over something. Carolyn. Where have they gone? The National Audubon Society shares some tips on how to begin birding: The National Audubon Society recommends safety tips for better birding: Pennsylvania is home -- and provides a temporary home -- to many bird species. More than anything, the robin’s song remains a reliable indicator that the first wave of spring migration has reached you. Have not seen one since that day. I talk to her softly as I walk to my car (not looking or stopping) or bringing out the trash (about a foot from the nest) and neither fly away or make any sound. This song is one of the first signs that robins are switching from winter behavior to courtship and nesting behavior associated with spring. Over the past few weeks, there are several robins that are flying into our windows and in the windows of several cars on the street, could you possibly explain this as we have not seen this behaviour before. Hi Carol, Thank you for the question! We had torrential rains. I thought they all migrated out. Weirder still, these robins weren’t eating their standard springtime worms, they were noshing on late fruiting berries. I hope many teachers are now involved because it is such a worthwhile opportunity for interaction with classes throughout the country and even the world, integrating many curriculum areas. I retired in 1999. We had a lot of snow this year. I do not ever recall seeing robins around here in December. Could it be a robin [or a series of robins, given that the song varies somewhat from year to year] I have binacular’s too so I can get even closer. If you check the Christmas Bird Count for Minneapolis MN, you’ll find robins listed all the way back. It has been so cold in Jacksonville Fl., this week but I have seen the second group of Robins stop at my back yard for water, so I know warmer weather is on the way. Please note that all comments are moderated and may take some time to appear. I haven’t seen any before today.